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Kohree RV Brass Lead-Free Adjustable Water Pressure Reducer with Gauge and Inlet Screened Filter

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  • Water Pressure regulator with Gauge: Improved Version, a new lead-free regulator contains a more durable pressure gauge with oil to prevent friction of internal components and greatly increases the life of the product.
  • Lead Free Brass, Safer and Healthier - Class C46500 LEAD-FREE BRASS treated by hot casting process technology. Tested to meet NSF lead-free requirements of less than 0.25%, which can inhibit bacterial growth effectively. This regulator was modified to contain the lowest amount of lead of any regulator on the market
  • Universal Fitment with Dual-layer Inlet Filter - Designed with 3/4" garden hose threads & NH threads, compatible with All US water sources. DUAL-LAYER inlet screened filter helps to filter particles like gravel, debris to prevent impurity blocking and valve body damage
  • Adjustable Water pressure regulator up to 160 PSI, water pressure setting can easily adjust whatever water pressure you want by screwdriver
  • Stainless Steel Gauge with Explosion-proof Plug - Better shock, dust, and water leaking resistance than plastic shell gauge on the market. The build-in oil damps sudden pressure changes to damage the gauge. In case of water pressure exceeds the capacity, the Explosion-proof plug can prevent water from spraying out from the end of the hose

Installation Instructions:

  • Connect the female fitting on the adjustable water regulator to your water source’s hose bib. 
  • Connect the female fitting on the water hose to the male fitting on the adjustable water regulator. 
  • Turn on the water supply to flush the water regulator and hose for one minute. Turn off the water supply. 
  • Connect the hose to your RV’s water inlet, and then turn on the water supply. 
  • Turn on all RC fixtures flush out of the RV plumbing–this includes turning on showers, faucets and flushing toilets. 
  • Adjust the regulator screw (found at the top of the cap on the regulator) until it is set to the desired pressure reading. Turn off all RV fixtures before making adjustments to the regulator screw until you reach the desired pressure reading. 
Specifications : 
  • Material: lead-free brass
  • Applicable medium: water
  • Connection: Thread
  • Nominal diameter: DN20
  • Structure: straight-through
  • Pressure environment: atmospheric pressure
  • Operating temperature: 14F ~ 200F
  • Thread: 3/4" NH thread
  • Drive: Manual
  • Direction of flow: Unidirectional
  • Maximum Pressure: 160 psi
  • Built with durable and lead-free (Ava:0.1262%) brass, we modified this regulator to contain the lowest amount of lead compared to any other regulator on the market
  • Regulator gauge contains oil to reduce the friction of internal components and greatly increases the life of the product;
  • Compatible with all U.S. water sources, including 3/4" garden hose threads and NH threads
  • Easy to adjust the pressure into the RV at 45 to 55 psi
  • Factory setting: 45 PSI, Min: 14PSI, Max: 160 PSI

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