Kohree TV Backlight Bias HDTV USB Powered 2 RGB Multi Color Led Strip with Remote Control Home Theater Accent Lighting Kits (Reduce Eye Fatigue and Increase Image Clarity), Set of 2

Kohree TV Backlight Bias HDTV USB Powered 2 RGB Multi Color Led Strip with Remote Control Home Theater Accent Lighting Kits (Reduce Eye Fatigue and Increase Image Clarity), Set of 2

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  • 【TV backlight with remote control】-The remote allows you to change the color, the brightness as well as different lighting modes: blinking, fade, strobe, smooth randomly.
  • 【2 separate strips & Multiple Colors Selection (RGB)】 - Can be used on both sides of the TV, 1.64ft(50 cm) for each strip, long enough for most TV. this strip is compatible with any devices with 5V USB include your phone charger/adapter to customize your workspace with vibrant LEDs to Set the Mood and Illuminate your hardware.
  • 【Eliminating Eye Strain】- Add a nice back lighting to Your TV/Monitor, Reducing the Eyestrain Caused by Differences in Picture Brightness From Scene to Scene in Movies, Shows and Games
  • 【Easy Installation】- simply removed the adhesive backing tape on the strips and stick them on the back of your TV. Just Plug-and-play! High-brightness LEDs Last Up to 100,000 LED Lighting Hours. One Year Guarantee.
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  • Why on earth would you need a light behind your TV ?

    According to the experts "your eyes are very sensitive to even small changes in brightness. So, as on-screen content fluctuates between light and dark scenes, your pupils become constricted and dilated accordingly. This leads to eye-fatigue which then results in tiredness and possibly headaches. Having some ambient lighting in the room will allow your eyes to have a base level of room-luminance, thus avoiding this problem". Bias lighting can really help to improve your perception of contrast, and make panel monitors much easier on the eyes.


    - Powered by USB do not need any other adapter or anything

    - Long enough to cover most TVs, you can cut it down to length you want

    - Offers Bright and Rich colors, also remember your last setting when your device turns off and will resume once the device is back on.

    - Easy to install, comes with adhesive to the back of the strip (but make sure you've cleaned the surface), just peel and stick, super simple!

  • Technical Parameters:

    Input Voltage: 5V

    Input Current: 1A

    LED type: 5050 SMD LED

    Color: Multiple Colors Selection (20 colors)

    Strip Length: 1.64ft(50 cm) for each strip.

    Color Rendering Index: Ra80+

    Life span more than 36,000Hrs

  • Easy Installation:

    1. Make sure the power is off before installation

    2. Make sure the paste surface is clean and dry

    3. Make sure the length of paste surface and cut off the LED strip if neccessary

    4. Take off the 3M tape cover and Paste LED strip

    5. Plug USB connector and turn on the power


    1. This string light as expected turns on when you turn on the tv and turns off when you turn the tv off

    2. Ensure the back of your TV is free from dust before installation to avoid falling off.

    3. If TV USB output can't reach 1A, you can simply use the 5V 1A Universal USB Wall Charger to power the led strip instead when insert the led strip to TV usb port and it don't turn on or flashes