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Kohree 12V LED Submersible Trailer Tail Light and Wiring Kit With Stop, Taillights, Turn Function

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New Submersible LED Trailer Light Kit Boat


  • UPGRADE TRAILER LIGHT: Come with additional atomization strip, Kohree submersible brake tail light kit has superior visibility and faster upon activation than other rectangle led trailer taillights. No glare LED, maximizing the light output and giving motorists behind you a better indication of when you're braking, turning or reversing and thus boosting their response time.
  • SEALED WATERPROOF TRAILER LIGHT: No screws on the lamp surface IP68 waterproof, built-in epoxy encased electronics and a sonically sealed body to prevent water intrusion and definitely submersible. Also, it can effectively resist corrosion of sand, dust, dirt, snow and other horrible weather.
  • SURFACE MOUNT: With diodes soldered directly to the surface of a circuit board instead of attached with wires in the drilling-hole board, Kohree 12V led trailer lights to protect LEDs from shock and vibration better than through-hole technology. Simply to use.
  • DOT APPROVAL: Kohree hola boat trailer light kit gives your truck a distinctive look and completely street legal, perfect replacement low profile trailer lights for under 80 Inch width towing vehicle, like boat trailer, RV, tractors, canoes, truck, trailer, bus, Lorry, Van, caravan, snowmobile, etc.
  • FULL-SERVICE TRAILER LIGHTS KIT: This utility led trailer light kit has everything you need: 1X Rectangle LED combination stop turn tail light (37 Diodes),1X Rectangle LED combination stop turn tail light with license illuminator(48 Diodes), 2X amber LED marker lights, 25-ft wiring harness (21.65ft wiring harness and 3.93ft wiring harness), license plate bracket and mounting hardware.
  • SKU: HY1028
  • Dimension: 24x21x10 cm

When it comes to utility trailer lighting, nothing causes more trouble than burned-out bulbs and corroded ground connections at the frame. Rubbing and shorting connections come in a close second.

Kohree 12V Wide LED Trailer Light Kit, 100% submersible and 100% DOT Compliant, can shine even in a rough, tough environment. Save your time and money.


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