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Kohree Ultra Bright 3W Rechargeable LED Headlamp Hunting Headlight with Strap for Outdoor Sport Camping Mining Hunting Fishing

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Li-ion battery, compact and lightweight, free of maintenance

The KL4.4LM headlight's body is made of high-intensity engineering plastic ABS, with full-sealing construction;

Explosion-proof, waterproof, dustproof, moisture-proof and impact-proof. Safety and high performance;

The light source is using an ultra-bright 1-watt high-power LED, With IP54 waterproof level, current shockproof, moisture-proof. Lightweight and small volume.

Suitable for mineral industry, tunnel projects, construction and maintenance for power, communication, highway, and railway at night, night lamp for camping, hunting, cutting off rubber plant and absorbing mucus and for lighting a flood, rescuing and marine use.


SKU: HK127-HM-GK-1

KL4.4Lm KL4.4Lm LED mining light (headlamp) is a new type of environmental-friendly lamp, which is adopted the most advanced 3W LED and lithium batteries and its miner's lamp got flameproof certificate ratified by national coal mining machinery quality supervision and testing center.

Composition of the model and their meanings:

K-(mining safety lamp)

l- (li-ion capacity battery)

4.4-(Rated capacity)

l-(LED lights source)


technical parameter

1.Rated voltage:3.7V

2.Rated capacity:4.4Ah

3.Rate of work 3w

4.Charger input:ac110-250v output:dc5v,1000ma

5.Charging time:<8 hours

7.Illuminance main light:15000lux auxiliary light:2000lux

8. Battery life >500 cycle times

9. ambient temperature:-15-40

Usage: This product is suitable for all kinds of applications, like coal mining, marine using, exploration working, flood prevention, tapping rubber, outdoor adventure, fishing, hunting, camping, auto repair, and other related industries. Night lamp for camping, hunting, cutting off rubber plant and absorbing mucus and for lighting a flood, rescuing and marine use.

Package included:

1 x KL4.4Lm mining headlamp

1 x charger

1 x car charger

1 x headband.

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