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Kohree Electric Hot Wire Foam Cutter, 3 in 1 Styrofoam Knife Cutting Tool, 100-240V /18W

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  • Clean & Smooth Cutting: Heat up quickly, cut the polystyrene foam smoothly, seals the edges clean, and leaves no debris. ※Pre-heat time: 5sec (Hot Wire Tip), 30sec (Holing Tip), 30sec (Engraver Tip). Max Temperature: 150℃ (Hot Wire Tip), 200℃ (Holing Tip)
  • Multiple Purpose: Crafters sculpting tool kit set, designed for polystyrene foam cutting, carving and write words on the foam. Ideal for foam carving, commercial artwork, advertisement design, art piece creation, DIY craft projects and Christmas Decor at home & school.
  • Convenient to Use: UL certificated. Kohree hot wire cutter comes with three Quick-Change-tips (Hot-Wire Tip, Hot Holing Tip, Engraving Tip), allowing you to “plug-and-use” for various daily projects.
  • Superior-Quality & Comfortable-Grip: The Styrofoam cutting tool is made of high-quality metal. It comes with a metal stand to put the heated needle and non-slip handle, not to worry to break.
  • Attention: We are upgrading our product to provide high-quality products and excellent service. If you received a black hot knife foam cutter instead of the dark green one, please don’t worry, the black cutting tool is the new version with better working performance. Any questions, feel free to contact us for help.
  • SKU: HY1014
Why choose Kohree?

The best tool to cut Styrofoam
Featuring two different cutting shapes, Kohree cutting tool kit can help you create various art and craft projects with ease.
Excellent shape crafting capabilities
Two separate, different length poking tips, help you better create beautiful, realistic details no matter how small.
Plug-and-use tool
Heats up within seconds. Not require experience or skill, allows beginners to use in an intuitive manner.


Advantage Over Others:
--Upgrade version, more durable for use.
--We specially designed foam cutter wire with 0.25mm in thickness, stronger & tougher quality than others with 0.2mm.
--Unlike other cutting tools heat max to 150°C, our products can heat up to 150°C-200°C with heat-insulated snug grip handle & LED display for security.

Easy to Operate
Lightweight & non-slip handle helps you operate it in different angles to create different cutting projects.

Thicker Cutting Wire
Thicker than other wires, our 0.25mm radius cutting wire has stronger & tougher quality. Make your cutting easier and faster.

Should be kept away from children's hands.
Do not leave the unit unsupervised when on.
TAKE A REST when working about 30MINUTEs.
Do not touch any hot surface during operation and place it in the holder after use.
Keep the hot tips carefully; high-temperature iron can cause painful burns to the body.

Input: 100-240V, 50-60HZ, 0.6A
Output: 6V/1.5A/9W (max Power: 24 W)
Material: alloy
Hotwire tip length (approx.): 4.2’’
Engraving tip (approx.): 3.3’’
Cutting tip (approx.): 6.6’’ x 3.5’’
Handle (approx.): 5.2’’

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have replacement wire?

This package comes with two replacement wires.

How long should I stop?

It is recommended to take a rest after working for about 30 minutes.

Is this suitable for 3’’above foam?

We would suggest you choose the hot knife cutter. This one is professional to cut larger and thicker foam for hobbyists and crafters.

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